Sound too good to be true? Become a Wild Blue Affiliate and you could effectively pay for your site over and over again. It's simple too. 

When we've created your site, we know you'll get amazing feedback and people will want to know who built it for you. We know that because it happens already. So here's how you get your investment back. As a business, you will know other business owners, network in your industry and work with customers and clients that all have websites they want to improve or upgrade. Simply introduce businesses to us and every time we secure a customer referral, you will receive 15% cash back on the final value of their site, excluding hosting and domain registration fees.

To refer a potential client or make an introduction simply email us giving details of the person, company name and their contact details, when they say it's OK for you to do so. We pop this on our database and pick up directly with the client. Upon receipt of their final payment, we send your money as a big thank you for the introduction. IT'S THAT EASY.


As an example, if your website design and build cost is £1,500.00 and your referrals buy the same, you receive £225.00 cash back each time we complete a new site and receive final payment. The maths are easy: 7 successful referrals nets you a cool £1,575.00 so you've effectively got your site FREE and you've done your contacts a great turn by helping their business look great online too!

For information about this scheme, please call 01932 320 066 / 07903 190781 or email

Note: The purchase of a website from us is not necessary to qualify for cash back. Commissions are paid to affiliates for any introduction that leads to a new Wild Blue customer. Commissions are for the net package value and exclude additional services, annual hosting and domain registration costs.